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There’s one Finnish word we have to teach. That is Rakkaus, meaning Love. L like love. R like rakkaus. And this is how we pronounce letter R: “är”. So this is for love. For deep and equal love, for everybody, without compromises.

The Är pendant is made at the Väisänen Design workshop in Kuopio. The pendant and chain are sterling silver. Är is packaged into a bag that can be used as a small purse. Made responsibly in Finland.

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Size Chart

Väisänen Design uses the inside diameter for ring sizes. There is no widely used worldwide standard for ring sizes, and sizing systems vary from country to country, although there is an ISO standard for ring sizes (ISO 8653:2016). Based on the ISO standard, in most European countries ring sizes are specified either using the internal circumference in mm or inside diameter in mm. If you don't know your size but you have a ring that is the right size for you, you can measure the diameter in mm directly from the ring - this is your size. If you don't have a ring, you can wrap a paper strip around your finger and measure this way the inside circumference. With this value you can see the right size in diameter from our chart.

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Terms & Conditions

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    These terms and conditions are valid from 1 March, 2018 until further notice. Updated terms and conditions are published here, so please visit this page regularly. The Seller has a right to update these terms and conditions at any time without a prior notice. The terms and conditions that apply to a contract between the Seller and a customer are the terms and conditions valid at the time of the purchase order.

    Seller’s contact details for customer service, contacting and complaints:

    Väisänen Design Oy (the “Seller”)
    Business ID: 2843586-6
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    70460 Kuopio
    Tel: +358 44 365 6165, Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM EET (excluding public holidays)

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  • Cancellation by the Seller

    Regardless if the Seller has acknowledged a purchase order or not, the Seller has a right to cancel an order made by a customer if (1) the ordered products are not available for any reason; (2) the product(s) cannot be delivered to the address provided by the customer or the delivery would be unreasonably expensive, difficult or restricted by local import laws; (3) the Seller has reason to believe that the order for products was placed by a minor (under 18 years old); or (4) the customer has not provided accurate or sufficient contact and other details for processing the order and payment of products. If a customer has paid for the products prior the Seller’s cancellation, the payment shall be returned to the customer.

  • Prices

    CUSTOMERS AND DELIVERIES WITHIN THE EUROPEAN UNION: All prices for products are in euros and are VAT inclusive (24 %) in accordance with the applicable laws in force from time to time.

    CUSTOMERS AND DELIVERIES OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION: For customers and deliveries outside the EU, the prices are shown and the products are sold VAT exclusive. If local laws require payment of import customs or duties for importing the products to customer’s address, these are payable by the customer in accordance with applicable laws.

  • Deliveries

    The Seller delivers products worldwide. Cost of delivery shall be added to the prices and payable by customer. Certain more expensive products may not have any delivery costs for the customer. This is indicated in the relevant product pages.

    DELIVERIES OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION: All deliveries outside the EU shall be made with FedEx or DHL. The cost of delivery is 15 euros (VAT 0 %).

    DELIVERIES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION: All deliveries in the EU shall be made with FedEx or DHL. The cost of delivery is 15 euros (including VAT 24 %).

    DELIVERIES IN FINLAND: Deliveries in Finland shall be made with DHL or Posti. The delivery is free of charge.

    The delivery time for products is usually between 1 and 4 weeks depending on the product, the Seller’s stock, required customisation, availability of raw materials and delivery address. The Seller can give a delivery estimate in connection with the purchase order, but the customer accepts that such estimate is non-binding and only Seller’s best estimate of the delivery time. The Seller is not liable for a delay caused by reason outside the Seller’s control (force majeure).

  • Payment methods

    The Seller offers payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). All payments are made safely and securely by using a third party’s, Stripe’s (, payment processing services. When you pay with credit card, the card will be charged when placing the order.

    All payments for prices and delivery costs shall be made in euros, unless otherwise notified by the Seller.

  • Defects in products

    The Seller warrants that the ordered products will be delivered undamaged and in the ordered quantities. The Seller is also liable for product defects subject to applicable mandatory consumer protection laws.

    The customer is responsible for inspecting the products immediately after delivery and must notify the Seller’s customer service by email of any product defects. If the package was damaged during the delivery, the customer must also notify the company responsible of the delivery. When notifying of a defect, the customer must also show a receipt of the purchased product.

  • Product returns

    A customer has a right to cancel an order within 14 days from receiving the products. However, a customer has no cancellation and return right regarding products that were made to order or otherwise manufactured or modified to customer specifications (including engravings to jewellery).

    If you are a customer and entitled to cancel an order and wish to do it, we ask you to please contact us for return instructions.

    To get the return instructions send email to including following information:

    • Customer name
    • Customer’s address
    • Phone and email (for organizing the return)
    • Order number
    • Order date
    • The products you wish to cancel (and return)


    If the customer is entitled to cancel the order and return the product, the product must be returned no later than 14 days after making the written cancellation request.

    If the customer returns the product according to the Seller’s instructions, the return is free of charge for the customer.

    The payment for returned products (including payment of original delivery costs) shall be returned within 14 days from reception of the returned products. The payment shall be returned using the same payment method as the original payment was made. The customer is entitled to full refund only when the Seller has received the returned product and the product is undamaged and unused.

  • Force majeure

    The Seller is not liable for any breach, delay or defect caused by reasons outside the Seller’s control (force majeure events), regardless of whether the circumstances in question could have been foreseen.

  • Applicable law and dispute resolution

    These terms, the contract of sale as well as any dispute between the Seller and a customer shall be governed by the laws of Finland.

    Any litigation or dispute arising between the Seller and a customer under these terms will be resolved by the Pohjois-savo district court in Finland. If the customer is a consumer domiciled in the EU, it cannot be deprived of the rights granted to him/her by the mandatory consumer protection laws of his/her country of domicile. A consumer may always institute proceedings in the district court of its domicile. Consumers may also use the ODR platform managed by the European Commission to settle their disputes. This platform can be found on Finnish consumers may always refer a dispute to the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board (see more: and The Seller shall also have the right to bring up any claim related to a due receivable from the customer in the district court where the customer is domiciled.

  • Additional terms applicable to corporate customers

    LIMITATION OF THE SELLER’S LIABILITY. In no event is the Seller liable to customer for any indirect, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, including without limitation any damages for business interruption, loss of use, data, revenue, profit or third party claims. The liability of the Seller to customer in respect of any claim for loss, damage, cost or expense shall in no event exceed the VAT exclusive price paid by customer for the products. These limitations of Seller’s liability shall be applied to the fullest extent provided by mandatory provisions of applicable laws.

Privacy Policy

  • General

    We respect the privacy of our customers. However, in order to operate our business and sell jewellery online, we need to collect and process some personal data, such as name, contact details and other information described in this privacy policy. We process your personal data in compliance with this privacy policy and applicable laws, so we ask you to read this policy carefully. We may do updates to this privacy policy from time to time associated with development of our business operations or changes in applicable laws. Updated privacy policy can be found from our website, so we ask you to visit this page from time to time.

  • For what purposes is personal data collected and used?

    We collect, store and process your personal data only for predefined purposes. The main purposes for processing personal data are:

    SALES, DELIVERY AND RETURNS. Our main purpose for collecting and storing personal data is processing customer orders for our products, handling payments, arranging deliveries as well as handling possible returns.

    MARKETING. We collect and use personal data for marketing purposes, including marketing analytics, direct email marketing (based on consent) as well as targeting advertising in search engines and social media channels.

    CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS, FEEDBACK AND HANDLING COMPLAINTS. We use personal data for communicating with existing and potential customers, responding to requests, handling their feedback as well as possible complaints about our products.

    DEVELOPING OUR OFFERING AND BUSINESS. We may also use personal data to develop our product range and offering within the area of jewellery business.

    FULFILLING OTHER CONTRACTUAL AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. Personal data may also be collected and processed for fulfilling legal obligations, such as responding to requests made by authorities.

  • What data do you collect about me and from which sources?

    We collect personal data about you mainly from yourself when you contact us or purchase our products. We may also collect personal data about our website visitors with Google Analytics to analyse our website use, develop it further and for targeting relevant marketing content for our customers and website visitors.

    Typically we may get following personal data directly from you or during your purchase of our products:

    • Name
    • Delivery address
    • Order and payment information
    • Email address
  • What is the basis for processing my personal data?

    We make sure that we always have a legal basis to process your personal data. We may process your data on a several different basis. Firstly, we may process your data to fulfill and execute a contract, such as deliver and collect payments regarding ordered products. Secondly, we may process your data also to further our legitimate interests, which are especially handling customer feedback and developing our jewellery offering. With your consent we may send you email newsletters and marketing messages. Finally, we may also process your personal data to fulfill legal obligations, such as bookkeeping and requests made by authorities.

  • Who processes my personal data and is it transferred to anyone else?

    Primarily your personal data is processed by people within our own organization. However, some subcontractors may process or have access to our personal data based on agreements we have with them. Firstly, our website is hosted and maintained by Finnish service providers. Secondly, we use Mailchimp for sending email newsletters to subscribers. In these situations, we make sure that the confidentiality of your personal data is secured and data is otherwise processed lawfully. We may also disclose information to fulfill our other contractual or legal obligations or when a legal authority requires a disclosure. We may also disclose your personal data if we are a party of a business sale, such as a merger or an acquisition.

  • Is my data transferred outside the EU?

    By default, your data is not transferred outside the EU. Only exception is the use of Mailchimp for sending email newsletters to those who have subscribed for it. Mailchimp is a US-based company and has a EU-US Privacy Shield certification.

  • How long is my data stored?

    We will not store your personal data for longer period than is necessary for its purpose or required by contract or law. The storage times for personal data may vary based on its purpose and the situation. Mainly we store for longer periods email address only.

  • How is my data stored and kept secure?

    Your data is stored on the servers provided by our service providers, which are secured according to general industry standards and practices. We consider and keep your personal data confidential and do not disclose them to anyone else than those who need it for their work or confidentially to our subcontractors based on contracts we have made with them. Access to your personal data has been protected with user-specific logins, passwords and user rights.

  • Is it mandatory to provide personal data? What happens if I don’t give it to you?

    If you don’t provide us some of your personal data or allow processing of it, it is very likely that we cannot serve you and fulfill the purpose of our business, as we sell products online. If you don’t want us to process your data, we ask you to not provide us any personal data.

  • Does your website use cookies and what are those?

    We use cookies and third party applications on our website to provide the best possible user experience for our website visitors, analyse the use of our website, run our online store and for targeting content and advertising on our website or on third party channels, such as search engines and social media.

    WHAT ARE COOKIES? Cookies are small text files that are placed on a web user’s computer and are designed to hold a modest amount of data particular to a user and a website. Cookies give us information how users use our website. We may use cookies to develop our website and services, analyse website use as well as target and optimise marketing efforts. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may set your web browser to disable them. This is done usually in the “settings” page of your website browser and selecting the “private browsing” mode or “incognito” option. You may also from time to time delete the cookies stored on your device. Please note that most browsers accept cookies automatically. If you disable cookies, you should understand that certain services at our website may not function correctly.

    Usually it is not possible to recognize a person or the user of the website from the data contained in cookies, but if you have previously registered as a user on our website or we otherwise have already personal data about you, the data from the cookies may be incorporated with such data. Therefore, sometimes data in the cookies may be considered as personal data.

    THIRD PARTY COOKIES AND APPLICATIONS ON OUR WEBSITE When using our website, we may run third party applications and certain third party services providers may store cookies on your device for the purposes of website and marketing analytics and development as well as targeting of content and advertising. These may include services providers such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, reCAPTCHA, Facebook and other similar services providers and marketing networks. Some of these may be located outside the EU. More information about the cookie and privacy policies of these services providers can be found from their website. We are not responsible on their data processing practices. Third party advertising targeting can also be managed on Your Online Choices website.

    Important websites:
    Facebook privacy policies
    Google Analytics tracking management and opt-out
    Google Ads tracking management

    We may update our practices relating to cookies due to changes in our business practices or in applicable laws.

  • What rights do I have relating my personal data?

    WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT. If we process personal data based on your consent, you can at anytime withdraw your consent by notifying us, for instance by sending email to

    ACCESS TO DATA. You have the right to have confirmed if we are processing your personal data and also to know what data we have about you. In addition, you have right to some supplemental information described in the law about the processing activities.

    RIGHT TO HAVE ERRORS CORRECTED. You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate or outdated personal data we have about you.

    RIGHT TO PROHIBIT DIRECT MARKETING. You have the right to request that your personal data is not processed for direct marketing purposes by sending us email to

    RIGHT TO OBJECT PROCESSING. If we process your personal data based on public interest or our legitimate interest, you have the right to object processing of your data, to the extent that there is no such significant other reason that would override your rights or the processing is not necessary for handling legal claims. Please notice that in this situation we may not be able to serve you anymore.

    RIGHT TO RESTRICT PROCESSING. In certain situations you have the right to require that we restrict processing of your personal data.

    RIGHT TO DATA PORTABILITY. If we process your personal data based on your consent or fulfilling of a contract, you have the right to require transfer of the data you have provided to us to another services provider in a commonly used electronic format.

  • How can I use my rights?

    You can execute and use your rights by contacting us, for instance by sending email to In such case, we ask you to provide us your name, contact details, phone number as well as a copy of valid personal ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, so we can verify your identity. If you consider that the processing of your personal data is not lawful, you can always also make a notification to a supervisory authority.

  • Can this privacy policy be updated?

    We may make updates to this privacy policy when our operations change or develop. Also changes in law may make it necessary to update this privacy policy. The changes become valid once we have published them in the form of an updated privacy policy. Therefore, please visit this page and read this privacy policy from time to time.

  • Who can I contact in privacy matters?

    Contact details:
    Väisänen Design Oy
    Business ID: 2843586-6
    Vanttitie 13 A 1
    70460 Kuopio